Fingers Crossed for Orbán and Happy Life under Occupation. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 13-19 November 2023

Last week, Russian media reported that Russian army had been able to break the Ukrainian defenses and enter Adviivka. According to the propagandists, the Kyiv regime is sending 16-years-olds and women with serious illnesses and health conditions into the trenches. They tried to turn Ukrainians against each other by claiming that it was only the frontline cities that were taking the toll of war while the life in Kyiv and other regions was full of excess and extravagance.

Targeting Zelenskyy. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 6-12 November 2023

Last week, Russian media insisted on a bitter feud between the military and political leadership of Ukraine. The disinformers speculated that Zelensky would soon be killed or replaced by Valery Zaluzhny as Washington’s new protege. We found more than 1,000 such stories which propelled the topic to the week's Top 15 on Russian news.Read this article in Ukrainian

War changes nothing. How long are Russians willing to tolerate a protracted "special operation" in Ukraine?

Why is the death of 300,000 Russians in a war of aggression not a reason for the people to demand from their government to stop the "special operation"? What does need to happen for this to change? What is in their minds? The author, who is looking for answers to these questions, knows the Russian hinterland from his own experience, and is currently monitoring interviews with Russian prisoners and their communication with relatives.Читати українською

The Pessimistic Arestovych, Putin’s Death and the Blocking of Draft Dodgers’ Bank Cards. Ukrainian Media Monitoring Report, 1-31 October 2023

In October, the Ukrainian trashy websites spread fakes about the blocking of bank accounts and plastic cards which belong to draft dodgers. Oleksii Arestovych still remains one of the most popular military experts in the segment while the news on Putin's death has been presented with absolute certainty.

HAMAS Thanks the Mega-Corrupt Ukraine for the Weapons. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 23-29 October 2023

Last week, Russian media tried hard convince their readership that Ukraine was supplying weapons to HAMAS. The narrative that Ukraine is selling Western aid, which has been circulating Russian media since the beginning of the full-scale war, is to make the West turn away from Ukraine. The propagandists kept ridiculing the prime minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan: Russian media seem to agree that he is an American political project.

Kyiv Bans Orthodoxy. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 16-22 October 2023

Last week’s Ukrainian ATACMS strike on airfields in the occupied territories caught Russian propagandists by surprise. Russian media tried to avoid any mention of damaged military equipment and focused their reports on Ukrainian air force losses instead. The disinformation media also stood up for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) which is in fact part of Russian Orthodox Church and accused the evil Kyiv regime of dismantling orthodoxy in Ukraine. They also claimed that Armenia was turning into another Ukraine and touted Viktor Orbán as Russia's friend.

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