About us

Читати українською

Texty.org.ua is an independent media founded by Anatoliy Bondarenko and Roman Kulchynsky in 2010.

We create data journalism projects and work in traditional journalistic genres ranging from lengthy reportage to short messages. We have a Ukrainian view of the world. We try to study the problem we are writing about as much as possible and to show what is really happening, not simply publishing different points of view. Read more about our principles here (in Ukrainian).

Awards and honors

Sigma Awards 2020, winner in the category "Best interactive news web page", for the project "Fresh Disinfo from Russia" and Fake Cracker.

National Award "High Standards of Journalism 2019", winner in the category "Sustainable, high-quality media project."

SND Digital 2018, bronze medal for an interactive map of illegal amber mining.

Prix Europa 2018, finalist in the category "Online projects" for an interactive map of illegal amber mining.

Data Journalism Awards 2017, Yaryna Serkez, winner in the category "Best Young Data Journalist" for a portfolio of projects most of which were made for Texty.org.ua.

Data Journalism Awards 2016, finalist in the category "Best interactive news web page" for the game "Money, square meters, two cars".

Data Journalism Awards 2012, second place for the project "Public Procurement".

Our team

Roman Kulchynsky, editor-in-chief (fb)

Anatoliy Bondarenko, deputy editor-in-chief, head of the data journalism department (twi)

Halyna Pastukh, deputy editor-in-chief on business development (fb)

Nadja Kelm, art director (fb)

Nadiia Romanenko, head of the machine text analysis department

Petro Bodnar, data journalist (fb)

Yulia Dukach, data journalist (fb)

Yevheniia Drozdova, data journalist (fb)

Vlad Herasymenko, data journalist (fb)

Oleksandr Oksymets, analyst (fb)

Andriy Harasym, reporter (fb)

Oleksandra Tymoshenko, social network manager (fb)

Contact us

(+380) 67 498 4865


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEXTY.org.ua/

twitter: https://twitter.com/TextyOrgUa

telegram: https://t.me/textyorgua

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/texty.org.ua/