How to buy railway tickets from Ukraine to abroad, and why it is not easy

Buying train tickets abroad through the website of Ukrzaliznytsia (The Ukrainian Railroads, further UZ), as well as its mobile application or chatbots is a complicated and confusing process. Meanwhile, one can buy a bus ticket to EU countries in a few clicks.UZ sells tickets online only for a few destinations in Poland. Technically, one can get to Austria, Hungary and Slovakia by a direct train from Ukraine. But where can one find the schedule and prices for these destinations, and is it possible to buy tickets for them on the Internet?In addition, tickets to Poland are impossible to find in the new UZ application. The train to Warsaw is generally something mythical. Tickets for this train are permanently unavailable on the UZ website.With our research, we are looking to clarify the complicated system of selling tickets for UZ trains abroad, which 600,000 passengers have already used after the closure of the airspace on February 24.Translated by Dmitry Lytov, Mike LytovRead this article in Ukrainian

Out of a window in Saltivka. How Kharkiv photographer filmed over 60 rocket launches from Russian Belgorod

Vadym lives in Saltivka, a residential area in northeast Kharkiv. The windows of his apartment on the sixth floor face north. "For a long time, I could not understand what is that light shining on the horizon," Vadym begins his story.“Sometimes I was seeing bright shots of light rising up and then disappearing. I was thinking that perhaps it was our air defense working. I did not immediately realise what it was and how far it was from where I lived. Belgorod in Russia is 60 kilometres (~40 miles) from my house”, Vadym says.

Captain Virus: “Kalashnikovs are the day before yesterday. We need NATO small arms”

Why are our guys not sent on rotation? Why are boys without combat experience sent to the front lines? And where are the Western weapons that can save them? People who are distant from the war keep asking these questions, inciting panic and the lamentations about the "naked, barefoot, and hungry in the trenches", which have been going on since 2014.Translated by Dmitry Lytov & Mike Lytov Read in Ukrainian here

A "suspended" bulletproof vest. How Ukrainians are helping the army while saving the country’s economy

"I bought three pigs for the evacuees and offered to make smoked sausages for the soldiers to keep their spirits up," says Yana Rudenko, a businesswoman from Chernivtsi, a city in western Ukraine. When full-scale war broke out, she put her business on hold and set out to help those in need. Later on, a helping hand reached out to her own business. Yuriy Barnovych, an IT specialist from Lviv, another city in western Ukraine, came up with a way to combine fundraising for the Ukrainian army with supporting the country’s economy. The team Yuriy gathered is currently implementing the ‘Support Ukrainian Army’ initiative.

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