Ode to Joy: Relishing Putin’s Interview to Tucker Carlson Russian Media Monitoring Report, 5-11 February 2024

Last week, Russian media finally decided who their favorite American was. American journalist Tucker Carlson ticked all the boxes: he respects Putin, understands Russian national interests, and is ready to broadcast the Kremlin’s position. Carlson instantly became Russian propaganda's darling and the focus of media attention. Carlson’s visit coverage culminated in Putin's interview which was touted to have broken through the information blockade set up by the West.

Desperate Retaliation Strikes on Belgorod. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 1-7 January 2024

News reports claiming Ukraine’s strikes on Russian civilians were all over Russian media last week. The strikes on Belgorod were said to be Kyiv's desperate act of retaliation caused by its military defeats. The propagandists argued that Zelensky’s commanders deliberately target civilians contrary to Russia’s focus on military targets only.They also blamed Ukraine’s air defense for the deaths of civilians. Actually, it was only the beginning of a long list. For example, Ukraine was said to be ruining the lives of German farmers whose protests were linked with their country’s support of Ukraine.Read this article in Ukrainian

A Harbinger of Troubled Times and a Servant of Their People: a Comic Show that Russia Deserves

Russia is a country where rebellion against the authorities is often led by leaders who are even more brutal and despotic than legitimate leaders. Little-educated Prigozhin can hardly be compared with Lenin, but he has a lot in common with Yemelyan Pugachev, an (in)famous leader of the bloody Cossack War of 1773-1775.Published on June 19, 2023Translated by Dmitry Lytov and Mike LytovЧитати українською

The Tsar Talks about Success. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 12-18 June 2023

Putin's address on the state of Russian economy at the “international” economic forum in St. Petersburg was actively promoted by Russian media last week. In a nutshell, Russia’s leader said that the war had ushered in a new era of prosperity. Russian propagandists also paid a fair bit of attention to Ukraine's counteroffensive insisting that Russian army was as strong as ever. In addition to that, the disinformation media once again claimed wounded among Ukraine’s senior military command. This time they said it was the Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov.

International Fringe Association. How Russian Propaganda Works Through Facebook Around the World

The recipe for success is very simple. TEXTY took a closer look at how the international network of Russian propaganda bots works on Facebook, and our journey started in Cambodia.This is where the administrators managing one of the Russian propagandist public pages have been registered. It didn’t take us too long to find the group itself – its name appeared in the Facebook recommendations after we viewed several other pages promoting Russian propaganda. Translated by Tetiana Sykes Читати українською

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