Who’s to blame of the hostage take in Lutsk? Poroshenko, of course! Disinfo monitor #47

Ukraine is a “failed state” that cannot cope with terroristsConspiracy about "imitation of arson" by an anti-corruption activistMudslinging and stereotypes in writing about the mayoral election in KyivIgnoring the violation of the cease-fire by militantsPredicting Zelensky’s resignationSee how disinformation topics have changed throughout the year in our interactive visualizationPeriod: July 20—26, 2020

Borscht for Ukrainian embassy in Yerevan. Disinformation monitor #46

The text of the Minsk agreements is being manipulated to justify shelling by militantsA martyr's image is being created for Yanukovych by criticism of ZelenskyAmerican politicians are accused of "money laundering" in UkraineConfidence in the future coronavirus vaccine is being underminedAmerican foreign policy is being demonizedSee how disinformation topics have changed throughout the year on interactive visualizationPeriod: July 13—19, 2020

Hot topics of Russian disinfo: Who Smoliy conspired with, the whole truth about Chinese loans. Issue #44

Propagandists mentioned Novorossiya before the local electionsThey fueled hysteria and confused readers by writing about the threat of Russian military invasion in southern UkraineDisinformers explained Smolya's resignation as Poroshenko's planThey dreamed of conquering Europe and at the same time tried to turn it against the United StatesAnd speculated about the fate of the occupied territoriesPeriod: June 29 – July 5, 2020

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