Hot topics of Russian disinfo: Prosecutor Rabinovich will imprison everyone who voted for the land market. Issue #31

Coronavirus is in the limelight again, but this week saw an increase in the news from the Verkhovna Rada because of the "anti-Kolomoisky" law and the land market. Disinformers are using the epidemic to frighten with Ukraine's "collapse", the state's "insolvency", and to wreak panic among the population. Since the second stage of the medical reform did start on April 1st, Uliana Suprun was damned many times. Disinformers consistently prophesize "collapse and disaster" to the medical reform.

During the monitoring period, rows took place in the Verkhovna Rada around the land market and the "anti-Kolomoisky" law. "Oppositionists" promise to imprison everyone who voted for the land market law. They prophesize an "alienation of a part of the territory" and a "degradation of the soil." Many "compliments" went to Petro Poroshenko, whose faction supported the land market law. Ihor Kolomoisky, on the contrary, received friendly support from the manipulators; they argue that the law which makes it impossible to return nationalized banks is allegedly needed to take land away from people.

Period: March 30 — April 5, 2020


Hot topics of Russian disinfo: “One should want the coronavirus to result in the demise of Ukrainian state”. Issue #30

Coronavirus continues to dominate the media. It defines almost all topics, but often disinformers use it to promote their messages. Disinformers continue to sow panic and despair over the coronavirus pandemic, with some calling for an armed rebellion. Particularly emotionally, they describe the inequality of access to healthcare, exaggerate, and play on people's dislike for the "elite". Also this week, they wrote about the possibility of default, pro-Russian speeches in the parliament, Russia's "help" to Italy, IMF’s “cunning plans”, and they tried to pump up the topic of "separatism" in Ukrainian regions.

Period: March 23—29, 2020

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