From repair to innovation. How frontline FPV drone workshops affect the course of the war

A pilot with the call sign Smoke, having just returned from a three-day combat mission where he fired FPV drones at enemy targets, goes straight to the workshop.Читати українськоюIn a special place with shelves, drawers, and long tables with antennas, transmitters, fasteners, screwdrivers, soldering irons, computers, and 3D printers, he is supposed to help with a problem that some drones had with video.Here is his unit's drone workshop.Using the example of this workshop, we will tell you how such workshops came to be and how they helped in the war.

Navalny’s Death: the Hand of the West. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 12-18 February 2024

Last week, Russian media celebrated the capture of Avdiivka which is said to mark a new phase of the war that paved the way for Russia’s victory. In addition to protecting the people of Donbas from the Ukrainian Nazis, the Russian army is said to be preparing a large-scale offensive to capture the entire region. The disinformers avoid mentioning the cost of flying the Russian flag over the rubble of the destroyed city — instead, they claim that Avdiivka is Zelensky’s Waterloo. The news of Navalny’s death also received considerable attention, but no surprises here: it was said to have been orchestrated by the West to disrupt the presidential election in Russia.This monitoring report covers these and other topics of the disinformation spread by Russian state media and online para journalists to manipulate public opinion.

Ode to Joy: Relishing Putin’s Interview to Tucker Carlson Russian Media Monitoring Report, 5-11 February 2024

Last week, Russian media finally decided who their favorite American was. American journalist Tucker Carlson ticked all the boxes: he respects Putin, understands Russian national interests, and is ready to broadcast the Kremlin’s position. Carlson instantly became Russian propaganda's darling and the focus of media attention. Carlson’s visit coverage culminated in Putin's interview which was touted to have broken through the information blockade set up by the West.

Zaluzhny, Eggs and Organ Harvesting. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 29 January-4 February 2024

Last week, Russian media accused Ukraine’s allies of supplying weapons to Kyiv. The propagandists argued that the West wants to eradicate Russians which is why it allows Ukrainians to shoot down planes or target bakeries. Some Russian officials even claimed that Western weapons supplied to Ukraine were manned by American operators while the Ukrainians were only used in support roles.Читати українською

Statement on Czech politicians included in “The Germs of “Russian World”. Version 2.0” project by Texty.org.ua

We are conducting additional research and have removed some individuals and one party from our database. In June 2023, Texty.org.ua published the project “The Germs of “Russian World”. Version 2.0”, where we collected politicians, public figures, and various organizations that promoted Russian narratives about Ukraine.

Russian Propagandists Keep Fingers Crossed for Texas People's Republic. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 22-28 January 2024

Last week, Russian propaganda claimed that Kyiv had deliberately shot down a Russian Il-76 military transport aircraft near Belgorod allegedly carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war. According to one of the versions offered by the propagandists, it was an attack orchestrated by the Ukrainian authorities to discourage Ukrainians from surrendering to Russian forces.Читати українською

The Kharkiv Borodino: Russia Claims Credit for Killing French Mercenaries. Russian Media Monitoring Report, 15-21 January 2024

Russian media have been claiming that Ukraine is losing the war for almost two years now, and last week’s reports were no exception. Such claims are being supported by the news of unclear prospects of continuing Western aid to Ukraine. The issue has been causing considerable internal disagreement both in the USA and within the EU. The AFU are experiencing ammunition shortages. According to the propaganda, all the above means that victory is just around the corner. Читати українською

“It was a close call” — Eyewitness account from the scene of Russian missile attack in Kyiv

"Inside, the ceiling and walls are completely cracked, offices, locker rooms, gyms, and a medical room are destroyed. Only the entrance is left of the gym. Some of the walls have completely crumbled," says Oleksandr Yegorov, director of the Lokomotiv sports complex in Kyiv. These are the consequences of the Russian missile attack on Kyiv on 23 January.Читати українською

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