Hot topics of Russian disinfo: Now it’s the oligarchs who rule Ukraine, instead of Soros. Issue #27

The resignation of the Honcharuk government became one of the most discussed topics of the past week. The new government was named the victory of the oligarchy and the new prime minister, “Mr X”. Disinfomers prophesied the "infamous fall" of Zelensky and the growing role of Avakov. The dismissal of the Attorney General was accompanied by paranoid texts about the "American factor", and the constant theme of resuming water supplies to Crimea was supplemented with fantasies of "privatization of water" by Ukrainian oligarchs. Disinformers did not forget to sow panic around the coronavirus and to add it to horror stories about nationalists, intimidating people that nationalists could "use the infection as a biological weapon against the Republics."

Period: 2 – 8 March 2020


Hot topics of Russian disinfo: Cabinet finished off, coronavirus is the new Chornobyl. Issue #26

Coronavirus is a pretext for discrediting the Ukrainian authorities. According to disinformers, Ukraine must even resume delivering water to Crimea in order to provide the population with a place to rest during the coronavirus epidemic and finally "bury" Honcharuk. By the way, the coordinated campaign against Honcharuk turned out to be a success and now Tihipko was being discussed as a substitute, being "simply Level: God, compared to "Soros pigs". They also continued to demonize the United States, to disseminate words of Surkov, a former advisor to Putin, to speak about neo-Nazis as Ukraine's main problem, and to remind that Russians "protected" Crimeans from the fate of the Donbas.

Period: February 24 — March 1, 2020


The Panic Wizards. Here’s how a pro-Russian network organized the “coronavirus riot” in Novi Sanzhary, Ukraine

Women at the central bazaar in Novi Sanzhary do not want to deal with the press: “Your journalists have defamed us all! First they frightened us till we shat, now they wonder why we are outraged”. Seeing the press ID, the women shout and chase me away. Having skipped work, on February 20 they were at the epicenter of events, in the crowd surrounded by hundreds of National Guard soldiers and police.


Hot topics of Russian disinfo: Viral disinformation. Issue #25

Disinformers say that the events in Novi Sanzhary are a "consequence of the half-decay of the Ukrainian statehood", and they stir up panic around the coronavirus with reports of "destruction and collapse in Ukrainian healthcare". In other news, they place responsibility on Ukraine for failure to comply with the Minsk agreements, they stubbornly predict the fall of the hryvnia, and remember Lenin's legacy “on the land"

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