The Steinmeier Formula: Ukrainian oligarchs are pushing country to the defeat. Will it be possible to avoid complete surrender, and what are the real interests of Russia, EU and US?

Loud statements about the prospects of conflict regulation on Donbas keep up the optimism of those who support President Zelensky. At the same time, Ukrainian patriots, who realize the key to peace is kept in Kremlin and not in Kyiv, are very anxious since there are no details on Formula’s agreement. The Steinmeier Formula is demonized to the degree of threat. However, to understand what we can expect, it is better to analyze not the words, but the interests and motivations of key players. Author: Petro Buryatynsky

«Unfathomable His ways!» — brief history of Ukrainian Church (with infographics)

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church — Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC-KP) is very close to its recognition as an autocephalous church. This is to be done by special «Tomos» (or «decree» in secular terms) issued by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, whose residence is in Istanbul. What exact text will be in Tomos is still unknown. But many observers tend to think that Constantinople will restore the «Metropolia» (Metropolitan Archdiocese) in Kyiv that had disappeared centuries ago after Hetmanshchina (the State of Cossack Hetmanate) had been annexed by Russian state. Here is a very brief history of Ukrainian Church. Text by: Petro Bodnar, graphics by Nadya Kelm.

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