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I don’t want to be just a face from a screen: Stories of three fathers separated from their children by war

"My family plans to return. Because there is no right to leave a country for a father who wants to see his children, wants them to remain Ukrainians and wants his family not to fall apart. I've seen many good families fall apart since 2022 simply because they were separated. I don't want that to happen to my family," says Oleksii Erinchak, the founder of the "Sens" bookstore in Kyiv.

For two years, russian army has been shelling Nikopol every day, but locals try to live their lives as usual

On 9 May, at 7 am, I woke up to a loud explosion that shook the whole house. The night before Orthodox Easter, I couldn't sleep — I was tossing and turning from the sounds outside. A "Shahed" was flying by, and ukrainian soldiers tried to shoot it down. And every day, I would shudder from the explosions of artillery shells. This is how I remember my six days in Nikopol.Читати українськоюOn 1 July 2022, the first shell hit the city, and since then, russian army continue to terrorise the city almost every day.

Control, militarization and Russification: how Russians brainwash Ukrainian children in the occupied territories

"Russians take children out of town, dress them in military uniforms, give them certain roles, such as a drone operator, sapper or paratrooper, and then organize 'military-patriotic games'. But everyone realizes that this is actually a way to prepare children in the occupied territories to be drafted in the war," says Stanislav Zakharevych, head of the occupied community in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.Читати українською

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