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Množični umor na Žitomirski avtocesti: zemljevid, kronologija in preiskava ruskih vojnih zločinov

Dmitrivka je vasica le nekaj kilometrov severno od Žitomirske avtoceste, ki povezuje Kijev z mestom Čop ob madžarski meji. Na tem mestu je bilo odlagališče avtomobilov, ki so jih Rusi med obleganjem Kijeva poškodovali s streljanjem in zažgali.To je eno od več deset odlagališč v Kijevski regiji.

Humor and news. How Russian propaganda leaks into Ukrainian TikTok

We have investigated the non-political segment of TikTok to understand whether Russian influences are penetrating through the entertainment content of this network. The weakest link is humor.TikTok shows Ukrainians videos of Russian stand-up comedians, and often it's "Zadornov-style" humor, mocking the West.Читати українською
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Harvest from the occupied territories. How much Russia earns from the Ukrainian land

During the two years of the full-scale invasion, Russia has managed to harvest more than 10 million tons of wheat from the occupied territories. This is roughly equal to the annual output of an entire country, such as Romania.The material was prepared in partnership with TEXTY and agro-technology company OneSoil.

Mass murder on the Zhytomyr highway: map, chronology and investigation of Russian war crimes

"We must recover the name of every personwho suffered from war crimes.Because a human being is not a number,"human rights activist Oleksandra Matviichuk.Dmytrivka is a small village just a few kilometres north of the Zhytomyr highway that connects Kyiv to Chop, a town near the Hungarian border. It’s the site of a dumping ground for cars that Russians shot and burned during the siege of Kyiv. It is one of dozens of dumps in the Kyiv region."After the de-occupation, about fifty cars were brought to Dmytrivka," say operatives of the Main Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (Ukraine has retained law enforcement agencies that worked in the territories that are now temporarily occupied — ed.)

Data visualisation during wartime. Nadja Kelm`s speech at the data-journalisn conference in Finland

"For the last sixteen months, we have been working during the war and we have been telling about the war. None of us wanted to go through this, but it turned out to be a unique experience which I would like to share it with you" - this is how Nadja Kelm started her speech at the annual conference "Visualizing Knowledge", which has been held since 2012 in the capital of Finland. Since 2017, it has been organized by Aalto University. This year the name was "Visualizing Uncertainty".We publish her speech below.Читати українською
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NUCLEAR TERROR How Russia took the nuclear plant and the people of Enerhodar hostage

"We are safe, we have a nuclear power plant, they wonʼt come here, they won't shoot here, they won’t mess with such things", thought the residents of Enerhodar. But they were wrong. We traced what happened at the ZNPP (Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant) and in Enerhodar since the capture of the city.

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