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How propaganda responds to western countries allowing strikes on Russia with their weapons. Russian Media Monitoring Report, May 27 – June 2, 2024

Last week, Russian media extensively covered the permissions granted by Ukraine's partners to strike Russia with Western weapons. We observed a wide range of emotions. From assurances that it won't change the situation on the frontlines since not many countries supply Kyiv with dangerous weapons to reflections on a Third World War provoked by the United States. However, the most prominent emotion was anger. Some experts call on the Russian leadership to act harshly and prevent the West from crossing "red lines" in the future. Some figures have once again called for bombing European countries with nuclear weapons. Propagandists also claim that if the war is not won soon, Kyiv may acquire nuclear weapons, which they will undoubtedly use against Russia.Читати українськоюRead about this and more in the latest issue of our monitoring of Russian state media and manipulative sites that specifically spread Russian disinformation.

Politicians, media figures, experts. Who in the USA is against supporting Ukraine (Infographic)

More than a hundred American congressmen consistently vote against bills to allocate funds and weapons to Ukraine to defend itself during the Russia-Ukraine war. Dozens of journalists, influencers, and experts also call the government to stop supporting Ukraine. What beliefs do they hold? Do they collaborate with Russia? Do they spread conspiracy theories?

Narratives and Rebuttals: Which Arguments for Ending Support for Ukraine Echo Russian Propaganda

Among the most common arguments cited by opponents of continued support for Ukraine in the USA, there are several that completely coincide with narratives of Russian propaganda.In researching this topic in the American informational and political space, we have identified such arguments and explained what is wrong with them.

Shelling of Ukraine's power grid: what facilities were hit (MAP)

Russia continues its targeted military campaign against Ukraine's energy infrastructure. We mapped out the targets hit in recent Russian missile and drone attacks. The Trypillia thermal power station, one of the biggest electricity suppliers to the Kyiv region, was destroyed by Russian missiles on 11 April.

Lecturers won't teach you this. What could Western armies learn from fighting in Ukraine

Politically, it is nearly impossible to justify direct intervention in a high-intensity conflict with significant human losses to voters. Opposition arguing against "our guys dying somewhere in the Donetsk or Tauride steppes" would likely hold a winning position in the debate and garner greater sympathy from the electorate. However, if we put aside the political context and focus solely on military rationale for deploying troops in Ukraine, there are compelling arguments in favor.Читати українською.

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