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Shelling of Ukraine's power grid: what facilities were hit (MAP)

Russia continues its targeted military campaign against Ukraine's energy infrastructure. We mapped out the targets hit in recent Russian missile and drone attacks. The Trypillia thermal power station, one of the biggest electricity suppliers to the Kyiv region, was destroyed by Russian missiles on 11 April.

Lecturers won't teach you this. What could Western armies learn from fighting in Ukraine

Politically, it is nearly impossible to justify direct intervention in a high-intensity conflict with significant human losses to voters. Opposition arguing against "our guys dying somewhere in the Donetsk or Tauride steppes" would likely hold a winning position in the debate and garner greater sympathy from the electorate. However, if we put aside the political context and focus solely on military rationale for deploying troops in Ukraine, there are compelling arguments in favor.Читати українською.

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