Lecturers won't teach you this. What could Western armies learn from fighting in Ukraine

Politically, it is nearly impossible to justify direct intervention in a high-intensity conflict with significant human losses to voters. Opposition arguing against "our guys dying somewhere in the Donetsk or Tauride steppes" would likely hold a winning position in the debate and garner greater sympathy from the electorate. However, if we put aside the political context and focus solely on military rationale for deploying troops in Ukraine, there are compelling arguments in favor.Читати українською.

To arms! NATO is at the gates! Russian Media Monitoring Report, 16-22 January 2023.

The rumours about the next big wave of mobilization are raising concerns among Russians. The government says not to worry as only a grave external threat for the Russian Federation might prompt a general mobilization. However, it looks like it is already there. According to the propagandists, Russia is on the brink of a “long and bloody conflict” with NATO. Their only hope lies with common Europeans who are tired of anti-Russian policy and want to go back to their usual lives. This monitoring report covers these and other topics of the disinformation spread by Russian state media and online parajournalists to manipulate public opinion.

This time the West must escalate first. How to stop missile strikes on Ukraine

The only way to get a peace guarantee is to land American Tomahawks on Russia’s airbase for strategic aviation.Authors: Editorial Ukraine is getting Patriot air and missile defence systems. One from the US and another one from Germany. We could bargain, of course, asking for more – at least two or three from each country. But it doesn’t really matter how many systems we eventually get. We will receive other military support, including different defence systems; although not many, again, we’ll be able to protect civilian critical national infrastructure. It has not been protected yet, as evident from Russia’s latest missile strike on Ukraine, when a rocket destroyed a turbine at one of the thermal power stations, putting it out of use for a very long time.Read this article in Ukrainian
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