Kharkiv is running on generators. What life is like under constant rocket and bomb attacks

I'm standing in the kitchen, washing the electric stove, the spring sun is shining through the open windows, and a breeze is blowing. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion. The house shook.Читати українською"Yeah, a CAB (guided aerial bomb, read more about it here - Ed.),there's probably going to be another one now, they always come in pairs", - I think. And indeed, almost immediately I hear another explosion.I open a local chat room, and comments are already pouring in, and then there are emoticons: hearts and hands folded in prayer.Finally, the siren turns on. I go on washing the stove.

Out of a window in Saltivka. How Kharkiv photographer filmed over 60 rocket launches from Russian Belgorod

Vadym lives in Saltivka, a residential area in northeast Kharkiv. The windows of his apartment on the sixth floor face north. "For a long time, I could not understand what is that light shining on the horizon," Vadym begins his story.“Sometimes I was seeing bright shots of light rising up and then disappearing. I was thinking that perhaps it was our air defense working. I did not immediately realise what it was and how far it was from where I lived. Belgorod in Russia is 60 kilometres (~40 miles) from my house”, Vadym says.

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