Shelling of Ukraine's power grid: what facilities were hit (MAP)

Russia continues its targeted military campaign against Ukraine's energy infrastructure. We mapped out the targets hit in recent Russian missile and drone attacks. The Trypillia thermal power station, one of the biggest electricity suppliers to the Kyiv region, was destroyed by Russian missiles on 11 April.

What’s up with the power? How Russia destroys energy infrastructure

Russia is systematically shelling electrical substations throughout Ukraine. We tried to analyze where Russian missiles are most often aimed at and what targets they choose.Earlier, we wrote about how Russian propagandists rejoice in response to attacks on Ukrainian power grids. We tried to investigate in more detail where the Russian forces were directing their strikes and saw how they are trying to isolate Ukraine's power grid and divide it into separate pieces. Notably, a lot of effort is being made to cut off electricity from the north of the country (Kyiv and Kharkiv).Translated by Dmitry Lytov & Mike LytovRead this article in Ukrainian

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