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Narratives and Rebuttals: Which Arguments for Ending Support for Ukraine Echo Russian Propaganda

Among the most common arguments cited by opponents of continued support for Ukraine in the USA, there are several that completely coincide with narratives of Russian propaganda.In researching this topic in the American informational and political space, we have identified such arguments and explained what is wrong with them.

Politicians, media figures, experts. Who in the USA is against supporting Ukraine (Infographic)

More than a hundred American congressmen consistently vote against bills to allocate funds and weapons to Ukraine to defend itself during the Russia-Ukraine war. Dozens of journalists, influencers, and experts also call the government to stop supporting Ukraine. What beliefs do they hold? Do they collaborate with Russia? Do they spread conspiracy theories?
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Rozrywka i antyukraińska bańka. Co YouTube poleca obejrzeć w Polsce.

Ryzyko zetknięcia się z dezinformacją na YouTube w Polsce jest niższe niż na Ukrainie. Pierwszą rzeczą, która chroni Polaków przed dezinformacją i rosyjskojęzycznymi treściami, jest brak znajomości języka rosyjskiego. Polski obszar informacyjny jest również chroniony przed dezinformacją przez prawo UE oraz zachowania i preferencje samych użytkowników, którzy oglądają znacznie mniej wiadomości na YouTube niż Ukraińcy. Wciąż jednak istnieją szare strefy i słabe punkty samej platformy, które zbadaliśmy, prosząc ponad 100 polskich wolontariuszy o zainstalowanie naszej aplikacji i zbieranie wszystkich rekomendowanych przez YouTube treści w ciągu dwóch miesięcy.
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The Piggyback Trick. How YouTube Algorithms Promote Conspirology and Propaganda

outube has long earned the reputation of a convenient and reliable service. Two out of three Ukrainians come here for entertainment and educational content, but they also use it to watch the news and follow the twists and turns of Ukraine's political life. The recommendation algorithm is the “heart” of YouTube. In a nutshell, the better recommendations the platform offers, the more time its users spend watching videos and the more money they bring to the advertisers by watching their adverts.

Patrushev intimidates Russians, Nebenzya intimidates the world

TEXTY analyzed the public rhetoric of two key Russian officials to show how domestic Russian propaganda aimed at Russians differs from that spread outside the country.The persons in question are the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Patrushev, and the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya. Their statements are actively quoted and discussed on Russian political talk shows and widely disseminated by Russian propaganda.Translated by Dmitry LytovЧитати українською

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