Sacred week in Russia: Putin's inauguration and Victory Day. Russian Media Monitoring Report, May 6-12, 2024

Last week, the Russian media focused on two events that could be said to be mystical and existential in Russian life: Vladimir Putin's inauguration on 7 May and the celebration of Victory Day. The events were presented as significant and fateful.The speeches of the five-time president were dismantled into quotes and actively promoted by the propaganda. At the parade during the celebration, Putin spoke about the USSR's independent struggle against Hitler, for whom the entire European power was working. He mentioned that the Union had been retreating for some time, and then there was a victory. These theses prompted the Russian media to draw analogies and conclude that "we defeated Nazi Germany, we will defeat the Nazis in Kyiv".Propaganda also wrote about the Eurovision Song Contest. There are no changes here. It is a satanic, Russophobic coven. The Russian media also tried to prove that ordinary Europeans understand Russia and are against confrontation, but national governments are spoiling everything.Читати українськоюRead about this and more in the new issue of our monitoring of Russian state media and manipulative websites that target Russian disinformation.

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