Hunting for Russia's friends. Russian Media Monitoring Report, May 13-19, 2024

Last week, Russian propagandists devoted all their talents to covering Putin's visit to China. The Russian leader held a kind of international inauguration in Beijing, as China recognises Putin as the rightful leader of the state. Now, Russians are being told that the countries of the Global South will soon accept Putin. They are also trying to convince them that Russia is on par with China. The Kremlin's entire information service discusses a new monolithic alliance that will take over from the collective West. The Russian media also reported on the troubles with Russia's friends. The Prime Minister of Slovakia was assassinated, and the President of Iran died in a plane crash. Russian propaganda has its interpretation of these events: the culprits are the intelligence services of Western countries, which eliminate anyone who wants to establish friendly relations with Russia. Читати українськоюRead about this and more in the new issue of our monitoring of Russian state media and manipulative websites that target Russian disinformation.

Russia and China agreed to cooperate in coordinating propaganda. TEXTY discovered evidence in leaked correspondence

The Intercept news outlet, which specializes in investigations, discovered evidence of cooperation between Russia and China in the field of propaganda. Leaked correspondence from the Russian State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK) reveals that government officials and media executives from Russia and China discussed the exchange of news and social content as early as 2021. TEXTY publishes the main excerpts of the investigation. These documents are also available in the Aleph database that provides access to leaked correspondence of Russian officials.Read this article in Ukrainian

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