Figures named in the high-profile investigation into Russian Telegram channels are attacking the author

Figures named in the high-profile investigation into the influence of Telegram channels on the decisions of the Servant of the People deputies are attacking its author, journalist Lyubov Velychko.

It will be recalled that this investigation was published on July 13 simultaneously on three media platforms:, and on the official website of the Institute of Mass Information.

The author of the study analyzed over 10,000 messages in the five most popular Telegram channels of deputies of the "Servant of the People" parliamentary faction: "Legitimate", "Resident", "Dark Knight", "Max Buzhansky" and "".

Content analysis of these reports showed that there are signs of administration from the Russian Federation in two of the studied Telegram channels: "Resident" and "Legitimate". In particular, they write about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin only in a neutral or positive way, also calling the Russian-Ukrainian war a "civil war," and terrorist organizations "L\DPR" as "unrecognized republics."

The next day after the publication, each of these Telegram channels devoted four news items to trying to convince readers with the help of fictional fakes that they are not administered from the Russian Federation.

Other Telegram channels, which are not mentioned in the investigation, decided to support “Resident” and “Legitimate” by throwing in fakes: ZeRada, “Klymenko Time”, “Woman with a Scythe”, “Cartel”, “The Insolent Observer”,“ Shadow on the Wicker”.

In the opinion of L. Velychko, these Telegram channels were included in the information confrontation because, apparently, they are also administered from the Russian Federation.

“After the investigation was published, my Facebook page was attacked by real and fake users. During one day, these commentators insulted me and threatened to find me and punish me for such investigations. At the same time, I received threats and curses in my personal messages, which were aimed at forcing me to no longer write on the topics related to the deep war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine”, Lyubov Velychko said.

The wife of pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy, Olga Shariy, also took part in the bullying. Olga posted a video on her YouTube channel, naming the author of the investigation with abusive words.

"I understand that my work is very disadvantageous for the Russian secret services. And I understand that they are watching me closely in the context of my work on similar topics. And that's why they put pressure on me, pouring lies and fakes. But I don’t care. I will continue to work because I love Ukraine”, Lyubov Velychko wrote on her Facebook page.

Here’s an example of bullying:

The message reads: "Brainless stupid person, stop writing about things you don't have a clue about! We know where you live!"
The message reads: "Brainless stupid person, stop writing about things you don't have a clue about! We know where you live!"

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