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Three shots from the Grad. A 19-year-old soldier lost his leg due to the inability to evacuate him in time

“The fever dropped a little, but it does not fall below 39 C (102.2 F). Today (March 20 - ed.) was the third surgery, the next one is tomorrow,” 19-year-old Dmytro Tereshchenko, a soldier of the 119th Territorial Defense brigade, separate 167th battalion with the call sign "Champion", native of Chernihiv, says by phone. “They are removing the fragments. They are in the lungs, kidneys, and stomach. The armor did not protect me at all, everything went through it,” he adds. “Doctors say, now I have two birthdays. Because people don't survive with such injuries.”Translated by Dmitry Lytov & Mike LytovЧитати українською

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