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A genocidal war. How the Russians saved their own people and did not let the Ukrainians save themselves in Oleshky

Natalya Skakun, a resident of Oleshky in her recent life, now lives with her daughter in Mykolaiv with her husband. We start a conversation, and we can see almost immediately that Natalya is still in a state of shock. As she recounts her experience, her voice begins to tremble at some point. Translated by Dmitry Lytov and Mike Lytov.Читати українською

The states that will emerge after the collapse of Russia will be anti-Chinese, their natural allies are the USA, Japan, and South Korea

How to make Russia collaps. Russia's might is a myth created by its propaganda and television.Oleg Magaletskyi, a researcher of Russian Federation regionalism and the co-organizer of the Free Peoples of Postrossia forum, told TEXTY what can change the situation on our north-eastern borders. And also how the emergence of independent states on the territory of the Russian Federation will affect the general security situation in the world.Read this article in Ukrainian
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In Ukraine, there are about 20,000 fires on arable land yearly

In Ukraine, people love to put things to the fire, and they rev in burning staff. Not only leaves and rubbish are burned, but also reeds, stubble, and grass. They are burned in such a way that sometimes forests also catch fire. In addition, more and more accidental wildfires occur every year due to droughts. As a result, we have the largest number of fires among all neighboring countries. Check out our interactive visualization to see what these fires look like.

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