Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #6. Medvedchuk and Shariy

Two weeks before the election, the number of anti-Ukrainian materials from Opposition Platform “For Life” (OPFL) continued to grow. Media from the occupied territories, in addition to the standard theses on shelling, peace and impoverishment, accused the Ukrainian authorities of suppressing freedom of speech through the cancellation of teleconference "Need to Talk" and the trial of Vyshynsky (former editor of RIA Novosti in Ukraine).

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #5. More Medvedchuk

On June 24 - 30 Russian disinformators celebrated a return to the PACE. Traditionally, the publications from SDDLR spread lies about the shelling of civilians by the Armed Forces and presented news about Ukraine in the context of the failed state. The pro-Russian disinformation on Ukrainian sites was most widely distributed through materials with signs of an order from the OPFL (Opposition Platform — For life).

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Monitoring of Topics Raised by Russian Disinformation. Issue #4. Poroshenko and Election Circus Are to Blame

During 17-23 June media spread disinformation about geopolitical plot between US and Russian government, criticized Zelenski and Poroshenko, wrote about the parliamentary elections and provided misleading information about significant topics of the week: MH17 investigation report, the so-called “sobor” (meeting of bishops) called by Filaret, Portnov attempt to get back his chair in Taras Shevchenko University. “Junk websites” also picked up some topics of Russian disinformation.

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #3. All attention to the elections

Manipulative news in Ukraine-oriented media and media from the occupied territories focused on future elections last week. The number of supposedly paid news are increasing, and media from occupied territories continue to represent the election process as a big circus. At the level of the elections, the disinformation of the separatists is aimed at the topic of war and coverage of Russia as a respectable subject of international relations, which, on a par with other powerful states, negotiates about the fate of Ukraine.

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Monitoring of Russian disinformation topics. Issue №2. Zelensky can become "bloody"

Restriction of the research: We take the topics of Russian propaganda in Ukraine exclusively from online media that are written for the population of the occupied territories (we will call them "media from occupied territories (SDDLR)", for convenience), and from the Ukrainian so-called "junk websites". Under the term "junk websites" we mean online media, which are designed for the Ukrainian audience and publish a large number of manipulative news of different ideological orientation. In this research we considered only those news that are consonant with Russian disinformation campaigns.

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Nine reasons of Poroshenko’s defeat in this presidential election and what should he do now

TV channels owned by oligarchs, low quality journalist investigations and non-stop Russian propaganda sank Poroshenko. However, for the whole five years of his presidency his own style reminded the one of soviet-style president Kuchma, just slightly modernized and more efficient. Ukrainian version here

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Who voted for Zelenskiy after all? Most of Tymoshenko voters supported him in the 2nd round of elections.

We have no intention to draw psychological portraits or label people. What we offer is our own explanation, which is based on concrete data from election precincts.

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Babchenko: There are several groups that prepare terrorist attacks in Ukraine ordered by the Russian Federation

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko summed up the story of how his murder was ordered and how the organizers of his murder had been neutralized. On the same day, another man was planned to be killed by the Kremlin.

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«Unfathomable His ways!» — brief history of Ukrainian Church (with infographics)

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church — Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC-KP) is very close to its recognition as an autocephalous church. This is to be done by special «Tomos» (or «decree» in secular terms) issued by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, whose residence is in Istanbul. What exact text will be in Tomos is still unknown. But many observers tend to think that Constantinople will restore the «Metropolia» (Metropolitan Archdiocese) in Kyiv that had disappeared centuries ago after Hetmanshchina (the State of Cossack Hetmanate) had been annexed by Russian state. Here is a very brief history of Ukrainian Church.

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Champions League Final 2018 in Kyiv: the rise and fall of accommodation prices, in charts.

Tens of thousands of fans have visited Champions League Final 2018 in Kyiv. Due to very high demand, prices for some rented appartments and most hotels have risen to an sky-high levels.

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