Disinfo from Russia. Issue #13. Militant Ukrainian authorities, “a bunch of no-names” in the Cabinet of Ministers and the return of Yanukovych

Disinformers continue to discuss militancy of Ukrainian authorities and its persistent reluctance to conclude peace, and the potential of Steinmeier formula. Zelensky, in the reality they are actively creating, has tried unsuccessfully to please Trump. After a speech at the UN General Assembly, the Ukrainian President was accused of disinformation with a "propaganda tinsel." It has also emerged that a strong hryvnia is the result of a plot by the NBU, and Yanukovych may soon return to Ukraine.

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Disinfo from Russia. Issue #12. Zelensky is not worthy of a meeting with Putin. Poroshenko will set his house to fire as Gontareva

Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Disinformation sites continue to proactively argue that Ukraine opposes peace and ignites the war. They also remind how everything is bad within the country: the draft of the budget is anti-social, Zelensky uses Poroshenko's methods, and Poroshenko is doing everything to defame the JFO veterans and plans to stage the attack on himself, as Gontareva did. In international relations, Ukraine continues to be called the bargaining chip. OPFL (Opposition Platform for Life party) representatives help disinformers to promote this thesis.

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #11. Forcing to peace and discrediting the land market

Over September 9—15 of monitoring, disinformation about the need for peace at any price has become the most important issue in the occupied territories. The Russian disinformation machine uses the events in Ukraine, reinforces and distorts well-founded warnings about the possible authoritarianism of Zelensky and that the new Verkhovna Rada is like a puppet. As an example, this time they used the dissolution of the Central Election Commission, the adoption of the law on impeachment, and the appointment of a new military prosecutor. Russian disinformers paid much attention to the creation of a land market in Ukraine and, as a consequence, the "death of the Ukrainian farming". As observed in previous monitorings, disinformation from the occupied territories about the Armed Forces, the language and Russian gas continues.

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #10. Release of hostages, “Zelenskyi corrects Poroshenko's mistakes”

Both disinformers from occupied territories and Ukrainian manipulative news continue to actively follow the work of the Verkhovna Rada and individual representatives of the new Cabinet of Ministers. In addition, the exchange of hostages, abolition of parliamentary immunity and so-called “pressure” on the NewsOne channel were highlighted in disinformation. The occupation media even managed to present the case of NewsOne as another oppression of the Russian language in Ukraine. As always, there has been a lot of disinformation about shelling from Ukrainian territories and the pro-Russian manipulation about Medvedchuk and his agreements with Putin.

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #9. "Too liberal" Cabinet of Ministers and the threat of putsch

The first working week of the Verkhovna Rada became a key topic for Ukrainian manipulative news sites as well as for disinformers from the occupied territories. Media from occupied territory have paid much attention to geopolitics and war. Traditionally, about 10% of the disinformation messages from occupied territories’ media were fakes about shelling from the Ukrainian army. Preparations for the release of the hostages were marked by materials from OPFL (Opposition Platform — For life) representatives and Russian propagandists celebrating the release of Vyshinsky.

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #8. "Bandera Meeting" by Netanyahu, justification of Buzhansky

The main topics of disinformation have not changed much. OPFL (Opposition Platform — For Life) comments on any occasion, impoverishment, speculations on foreign policy, Poroshenko once again seemed to run away from the country and prepare a rematch, in occupied territories disinformation about Ukrainian “punishers” killing civilians is repeated again and again. The narrative of hopeless Ukraine is timed to Independence Day. And there are new notes: justification of the MP from the "Servant of the People" Maxim Buzhansky, who has pro-Russian views and called the female journalist of the Novoie Vremya journal a "dumb sheep". There have also been attempts to downplay the importance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Kyiv.

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #6. Medvedchuk and Shariy

Two weeks before the election, the number of anti-Ukrainian materials from Opposition Platform “For Life” (OPFL) continued to grow. Media from the occupied territories, in addition to the standard theses on shelling, peace and impoverishment, accused the Ukrainian authorities of suppressing freedom of speech through the cancellation of teleconference "Need to Talk" and the trial of Vyshynsky (former editor of RIA Novosti in Ukraine).

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #5. More Medvedchuk

On June 24 - 30 Russian disinformators celebrated a return to the PACE. Traditionally, the publications from SDDLR spread lies about the shelling of civilians by the Armed Forces and presented news about Ukraine in the context of the failed state. The pro-Russian disinformation on Ukrainian sites was most widely distributed through materials with signs of an order from the OPFL (Opposition Platform — For life).

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Monitoring of Topics Raised by Russian Disinformation. Issue #4. Poroshenko and Election Circus Are to Blame

During 17-23 June media spread disinformation about geopolitical plot between US and Russian government, criticized Zelenski and Poroshenko, wrote about the parliamentary elections and provided misleading information about significant topics of the week: MH17 investigation report, the so-called “sobor” (meeting of bishops) called by Filaret, Portnov attempt to get back his chair in Taras Shevchenko University. “Junk websites” also picked up some topics of Russian disinformation.

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Monitoring of topics of Russian disinformation. Issue #3. All attention to the elections

Manipulative news in Ukraine-oriented media and media from the occupied territories focused on future elections last week. The number of supposedly paid news are increasing, and media from occupied territories continue to represent the election process as a big circus. At the level of the elections, the disinformation of the separatists is aimed at the topic of war and coverage of Russia as a respectable subject of international relations, which, on a par with other powerful states, negotiates about the fate of Ukraine.

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