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  • Hot topics of Russian disinfo: “Plague and cholera on your house”. Issue #23

    Disinformers are once again disseminating the “all is lost” thesis, on all fronts. There is a total impoverishment in the country, as evidenced by the failure to implement the revenue part of the budget in January 2020, there is a recession of the industry and the attempts of the authorities to sell everything there is to sell in Ukraine. In the foreign policy arena, Ukraine remains a puppet: Erdogan "deceived Zelensky like a kid", and Pompeo confirmed that Crimea would never be returned, and generally "regarded Ukraine like Bobik the dog who should only bark at whoever is pointed at." Even the story with the words of the leader of the Servant of the People's faction about the resumption of water supply to Crimea, and their further refutation, were used to talk about the "man-eater methods of Kyiv", and that actually Kherson region will soon be hit by plague and cholera because of the canal shutdown. All this leads to an alleged falling of the rating of Zelensky, who has long since become a cynical Poroshenko, and at some points (for example, having made a search at 1+1 channel) even surpassed him. читати повністю
    14 лютого, 13:30
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  • Hot topics of Russian disinfo. “Ukraine is not ready for the coronavirus, Russian speakers will suffer most”. Issue #22

    Last week was very active for disinformers. The coronavirus was used to promote the thesis on the futility of medical reform, and even for fakes about war. A deputy’s proposal to sell a dog in order to pay for utilities served as a perfect illustration of the “tariff genocide” and ‘total impoverishment”. In addition, Zelensky was accused of “spitting in the face of veterans” by refusing to interpret history Soviet-style. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showed where the "correct church" was and tried to bribe Lukashenko. And a replacement for Honcharuk, the “nestling of Soros”, is being looked for. Consistently, Ukrainians are being frightened with impoverishment and cumulative pension. читати повністю
    6 лютого, 21:38
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